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Welcome to Street Beat Assemblies

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Welcome to Street Beat Assemblies

Since the beginning back in 2004, Street Beat has always held arts education highly. Aside from our performances for the public, one of our main focuses has always been reaching the youth! With local support from the Segerstrom Center for the Arts and L.A. County Arts Commission we have established one of the most in demand arts educational programs in counties and school districts throughout California. Today we offer schools around the US a top notch program focusing on music education. Street Beat offers the very best in school assemblies, student workshops and professional development for classroom teachers.

Our programs are based on the CDE Common Core Standards teaching basic math functions used in music along with basic physics of sound including understanding propagation, amplitude, loudness and pitch. Our programs are also based on the Performing Arts Standards for music and dance. With over 350 annual in-school presentations, Street Beat Kidz has truly earned its mark as one of the best music and dance educational offers out there!

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